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The perfect Facebook Post looks like

The guys from Sales Force have sent me a very interesting infographic of the Perfect Post for the Facebook platform. We all now everyboday, every company and brand is present in the huge social network: Facebook. But not everybody is doing it the right way, many people is doing it wrong. In this infographic we can see many interesting tips and aspects we should take care when we post to our profile or fan page.

Hey think about it, its our friends and already customers who will see that post! Maybe people that is just following the brand and want to learn more about it before buying.

Here we have a few items we need to put our attention:

Status update

The post copy: keep your copy short and tone personal. Limit your post to 90 characters, or make sure your url link appers in the first 90 characters.
Tip: Increase  engagement by asking a question

Target our post: for posts relevant to a specific country or language, target your post
Call to action: include a web address in your copy. Drive deeper into Facebook, or to a blog or webpage


Upload an image: upload an image at least 300×300 pixels large
Tip: use high impact images or photos with colors like red and orange, and close-up people, not logos

Timely promotion: Boost your post as a Sponsored Story within the first 24 hours to reach a greater % of your fans.
Tip: crop your image

as a square to work best as an ad unit

Think about mobile first: close to 70% of fans will see your posts on a mobile device.
Tip: use simple imagery, short copy, yes/no questions, and short video for 1-click interaction on mobile


Engage: Posting is just the beginning! Stay engagged with the conversation by adding a question or comment on the conversation

People Reached

Measuring Success:  Use the Engagged Fans metric on your Insights page to measure which posts work best. Monitor the “Talking About Us” metric on your page to see how your page is doing overall and compared to liked brands.


From Sales Force Blog: source link



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